On March 18, 2022, Champaign Imaging LLC signed an option for a University of Minnesota Regents’ patent. The 2019 patent described a Multi-Band-Sweep Imaging with Fourier Transformation (MB-SWIFT) sequence, and it was co-authored by Champaign’s founder and CEO, Curt Corum.

“This is an important step for Champaign Imaging for several reasons – first, it provides one of our important ‘Freedoms To Operate’ because this sequence is fundamental to our Next Generation Neuroimaging Technology (NGNT) systems,” Dr. Corum stated. “Secondly, the Minnesota area is well-known for first-rate medical companies. By working with the University, Champaign have additional accesses for expertise and growth.”

Simply, MB-SWIFT is one of the newest sequences for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines. The company has been dedicated to perfecting MRI’s images through its NGNT technology. Those NGNT revolve around reducing acoustic noise in the MRI environment and its Champaign Mo-Co™ software which motion corrects image artifacts. While the company has patented and continues to patent its developments, MB-SWIFT was done prior to Champaign’s founding.

This unique sequence allows Champaign’s specially contracted hardware to perform optimally with Champaign’s propriety software. That translates into quieter acoustic sessions for patients while producing more robust images and, thereby, allowing motion correction.

Steve Otto, Chief Financial Officer-Development, had this to say,

“As Curt said, the University is one of the premier universities in encouraging and supporting medical entrepreneurial start-ups. The University has been involved in over 75 start-up ventures and offers a variety of support systems – from all the aspects needed in a small company through its coaching offering to one of the most important which is financing. Champaign will be able to take advantage of their resources and connections today and tomorrow.”

For further information on this recent advance or about Champaign Imaging LLC, please send inquiries to Stephen Otto, Champaign Imaging’s Chief Financial Officer – Development at Stephen.Otto@ChampaignImaging.com.