NextGen Neuroimaging

The Need for Better Imaging Technology

MRI-scanner Over the last three decades, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), using the BOLD effect, has increased ourunderstanding of the healthy and the diseased brain. While fMRI continues to evolve, its full potential for neuroscience research and ultimately clinical translation will not be achieved without significant advancements at the individual subject/patient level (as opposed to group comparison).  Additionally current fMRI techniques need improvements in accuracy and repeatability across sessions, sites, platforms, and time.

Until dramatic improvements in fMRI are made, which allow robust functional diagnostic information for individual patients, physicians will not be allowed to take full advantage of emerging invasive and non-invasive neuromodulation therapies.

Revolutionary platform to reveal early 2017

Our Solution

BlockDiagram_cropChampaign Imaging LLC is developing a next-generation functional neuroimaging (NGFN) package for quantitative functional neuroimaging with high spatial and temporal resolution for individual patients.  Our package will have significant impact on functional imaging and clinical translation and will, potentially lead to direct non-invasive recording of neuronal activity.

Champaign Imaging’s package will include hardware, software, and training that will allow researchers and clinicians to perform functional diagnostic imaging at the individual level on their current MRI system.