After receiving a 2-year grant to work on the Next Generation Pediatric Neuroimaging, Champaign Imaging LLC chose again to work with the prestigious University of Iowa’s Magnetic Resonance Research Facility (MRRC). Champaign worked with the MRRC during its first NIH grant in 2017. The University of Iowa MR Research Facility was established in August of 2004 and now supports research dedicated 3T and 7T whole body scanners and a 7T small animal scanner.

Along with two others, Vince Magnotta, Ph.D, manages the facility on a daily basis and worked closely Champaign during its NIH grant. Dr. Magnotta said about working with the newest Champaign grant “At the University of Iowa MR Research Facility we areexcited about the possibilities for a quieter MRI sequence for kids as well as being able to minimize motion related artifacts without additional scan time. Our facility provides not only the hardware needed but also talented researchers who will be working closely with Champaign Imaging on this effort.”

Curt Corum, Ph.D. and Champaign CEO, stated “We are thrilled to work with Dr. Magnotta and his team again. Just to underline their commitment to making kids scans more comfortable is the recently vinyl wraps to make the MRI look like a space adventure.”

In addition to Dr. Magnotta, the MR Facility’s Drs. Mathews Jacob, Stanley Kruger, and Research Scholar Abdul Ahmed will provide sequence development, reconstruction software advances, and MRI scanning.

Champaign Imaging LLC is dedicated to advancing fMRI from a useful research tool into a reliable and routine clinical tool by bringing its sensitive and precise Next Generation Neuroimaging solutions.