After receiving a 2-year $1 million grant to work on Next Generation Pediatric Neuroimaging, Champaign Imaging LLC has selected the Omaha, Nebraska-based ScanMed LLC.

ScanMed is the largest independent OEM-certified MRI coil design, manufacturing, and repair. Champaign’s goal is to combine the unique ScanMed hardware to Champaign’s proprietary software for a quieter MRI experience for kids as well as being able to minimize motion related artifacts without additional scan time.

Curt Corum, Ph.D. and Champaign CEO, said, “For close to 10 years ScanMed has been the premier company in developing and manufacturing coils. We are looking forward to a long, fruitful relationship.”

Dr. Randy Jones, CEO, said “At ScanMed we believe the image is everything. We are committed to ensure that medical researchers like Champaign are given the most precise, accurate, and high quality images they need.”

Typically, MR coils sized for the pediatric head and neck do not result in improved performance over adult sized coils, especially for awake subjects. The main benefit of pediatric sized coils is ergonomics and to some extent coverage as younger children do not have long necks.

The ScanMed prototype will include not only the unique pediatric volume head coil but also the innovative fast transmit/receiving switches and modifications to the receiver chain necessary for acquisition sequences.

Champaign Imaging LLC is dedicated to advancing fMRI from a useful research tool into a reliable and routine clinical tool by bringing its sensitive and precise Next Generation Neuroimaging solutions.