On April 21, 2021, the second year of Champaign Imaging LLC’s NIMH grant was officially awarded. Since this grant began in May 2020, Champaign has been developing quieter MRI sequences with motion correction capabilities. These features are especially important for pediatric patients.

Pediatric MR imaging is understood to be an especially difficult task due to motion-related artifacts in the images. Parents will testify that kids do not like to sit still. Unfortunately, complete stillness is only guaranteed by general anesthesia in the clinic, which has been shown recently to be detrimental to brain development. This places unique barriers on assessment of this population for both clinical and research purposes. According to Champaign president and CEO Curt Corum, Ph.D.

“The development of the Next Generation Pediatric Neuroimaging (NGPN) technology will allow for high quality MR images to be collected in the presence of motion, thereby eliminating the need for general anesthesia while imaging.

Champaign Imaging has made great strides during our first year – from new coil hardware to motion reconstruction software. The second year will allow us to keep that progress moving forward.”

Curt Corum, Ph.D


Dr. Corum also praised the excellent work done by Champaign’s collaborators. Omaha-based ScanMed LLC is developing unique hardware and the University of Iowa’s Electrical Engineering and Radiology’s Departments is assisting Dr. Corum on the innovative sequence and reconstruction software.

For further information on this grant or about Champaign Imaging LLC, please send inquiries to Stephen Otto, Champaign Imaging’s Chief Financial Officer/Business Development at Stephen.Otto@ChampaignImaging.com