Champaign Imaging LLC celebrated Joshua “Josh” Hanson’s first anniversary in late May of this year. Josh had graduated from the University of Northwestern (St. Paul, MN) in May 2021. During his senior year, he worked with Champaign on a Senior Design Project. The goal was to design and build a prototype of a multi-channel digital receiver for next generation of MRI. Josh said,

“The project was as unique as it was challenging. I learned a lot about the projects Champaign was working on as well as the industry of open-source hardware and software. When Dr. Corum offered me the opportunity to continue the work we had started, I knew it was an opportunity that I could not pass up.”

Curt Corum, CEO and founder of Champaign Imaging commented,

“From the beginning we found Josh to be a bright, tenacious guy. He is young but was willing to explore new ideas, concepts, and so when we found he might be open to joining Champaign, we grabbed him. And it has been a win-win for us both.”

Since joining, Josh has jumped into the Champaign’s pediatric grant, focusing on the acoustic noise reduction task. Additionally, he has took on the role of pulling together the company’s Cybersecurity Policy.

Steve Otto, Chief Financial Officer-Development, had this to say, “As Curt said, it’s been a win-win for Josh and Champaign. Champaign’s DNA is science and science-driven so adding to the science team makes the company that stronger.”

Josh and Champaign are looking forward to many more anniversaries together!

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